The English Alphabet

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The  teacher ’s loud call,

excites them to speak.


With chatty notes to ponder,

and mortal fears of blunder.

With shaky hands and clumsy speed,

they start away to render.

Sometimes a patchy speech,

knotty notice or a dotty debate.


The double double consonant

and the single mingle vowel,

Makes  a dowdy dude to piaffer.

The short sound and the long sound,

makes him run like a heifer.


Rolling and pitching comes out the O’s and U’s,

pushing the A’s and E’s away.

Snake like slithering comes out the S’s,

shelling out the L’s and V’s in the way.

The rhyme scheme goes singing,

the figure of speech goes dancing.


Leaving alone the skeletons of

Shakespeare,  Blake & Wordsworth.

To soothe us with their wondrous tales

that weave a magical web.

Of stories narrating defeat and glory,

love and sorrow,  friendship and cheat.


Daffodils that drift in calming air

of patience, strength and imagination.

Gives him the will to correct the punctuation.

Assists him to climb the stairs of success

of which the path is the English alphabet.


Mrs Anuradha S Singh






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