I asked The Sun, help me in this ordeal,

He blazed and blazed and asked me to shine brighter than ever.

I requested the wind to walk by me on this ravaged path,

She swirled and twirled, swished her skirts this way and that,

Then flew away with a might that I knew never before.

I implored the rain to stand in my place for a bit,

He roared and bellowed and laughed out like a trumpet,

Announcing victory over lesser mortals for their stupid sins.

Then I rallied after Mother Earth to seek me within her; to be her

She gave me a kind shake, a matronly knock and showed me on my way.

I fell at the feet of the superb spring of life, Elixir on Earth, to renegade for me,

She was all tender and soothing, giving and forgiving, all encompassing.

She took hold of my hand and took me to my mother,

With one swift motion I understood, what I needed,

And felt blessed to be to be!!!

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