Mother the giver of birth gave me this chance,

To appear in this world to see this abundance of nature, man and trail

I am ever so thankful for her pain.

Father showed me how to walk on this trail of worldly wise,

 Interpretation of wise or unwise, fair or unfair,

He will always be cherished in my heart,

 As, man with a golden heart.

The man with his heart on sleeve came,

Taught me to run, under the open skies.

Meet the world with open arms,

 Embrace every and all with a bare hug.

The little one with eyes as innocent as deer new,

He taught me to love so deep,

That it is a bottomless vessel to plunge headlong.

His sweet demeanor, caring disposition made my heart melt ,

Into addictive chocolate, which he relishes so well.

Then came another one, a white ball of sugar dumpling,

He was a fine young hare, with a mischief of a young bear.

He taught me to laugh and roll, rock and roll,

 Laugh out loud till your cheeks go red.

There are these angels, my world, my realized dream.

But there are others, whom I care so very near

My sweet nephew who is as dear as my sons,

He taught me to love all small things of life, as good as the big ones.

My handsome brother, who I feel is a fountain of positivity and good will

And Taught me to be, an epitome of patience, which lack I.

My co-sister, who is smart and pragmatic.

I wish and pray God to shower her,

With the boon of peace of mind and wellness.

Taught me not to break down, at any cost.

Familie is my oasis and I am the traveller,

 Who requires the oasis to be present always there.


By Anuradha S. Singh










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