Bounties of Nature


Nature’s bounties are innumerable

And extend warm pleasures to the immeasurable

Mind of man which is bottomless,

Wishes to explore the fathomless.

Calls of the wild are varied and unknown,

But each gives us wisdom to explore the lesser known.   

Calls the wind and the rain, to play and be gay,

The trails of nature call, to discover its secrets day by day.

The green meadows call, to stroll and plod,

The chirping sparrows call, to talk the wonders in tiny row.


The coloured leaves curl and fall,

They call us to appreciate the little things in the wild.

The wetness of the dew calls to kiss the cool candour,

 The little droplets shiver and fall like tiny pearls of wisdom.

The moist earth becomes fragrant and invites you,

 To inhale, the sweet scent of new beginnings.

The rapids of the river call, to jump and swim against the currents

It beckons you to try unabashed.

The floating of the clouds call, to experience the freedom of flight

to tell us the sky is the limit.

 By Anuradha S. Singh

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