An addiction of great desperation to visit destination,

Of rare visitation is wanderlust.

A hobby of obsession giving a person no trepidation,

But a lust for emancipation of the soul,

From accustomed boundation. 

It makes you wander in the valleys and on hill tops,wanderlust

On sunny beaches with shiny stars

Rippling waves nibbling toes of naive hearts.

 Inside a jungle traversing a jungle path

Calling a black myna or a black bears wrath.

It takes you to cities with myriad hues, tongues and smells,

It lets you get lost and found in them again and again.

The wanderlust makes you friend with a complete stranger and bonds strongly

With a long seen sister, brother or a friend.


The wanderlust lets you travel with a brook, stream and a river,

  At its birth place where people go fewer.

It lets you appreciate warm food with warm blessings to the giver.   

It teaches you to eat cold food with relish,

And shares meager food with seekers.

The wanderlust makes you wise beyond years,

Imparts experiences worth sharing with near and dear.

It makes you hale and hardy, flexible but firm,

With a young heart in an older body,

And a younger heart in a much younger self.

By Anuradha Singh




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