Antarnaad: The Antardhwani



red umbrella

When sad or depressed or blue, the Antarnaad is loud, louder and loudest.

When happy, busy or content, The Antarnaad is at the lowest

Why does he leave my side?

I am upset with him and wouldn’t talk for a while

I am busy or bored; he should not let me down

That is what the lord had told me when sending me down,

He had said,” he is the one who will watch your back,

When I am busy with some soul.

Then why does he go bounding,

 In hiding, nowhere to be found,

Leaving me in a mess, not a sound he makes.

He leaves me crying, howling, bereft, beneath me,

woman and sea

It’s always like that, wait for Mr. Fancy.

Eat Pray and Walk, Watch, do not talk, but ponder.

Then all of sudden Mr. Antarnaad arrives,

With positive lights and promises of yonder.

He will give me such insight, that I would feel I had no sight

The angels will bring me a plethora of glittering advises,

But my beloved Antarnaad will choose for me.

He is my real angel, stopping me before I fall,

Galvanizing me ahead to star, cautioning me from a cheat,

Bringing me luck and wit,

For promises to keep.

By Anuradha S. Singh

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