Forethought: On switching on the Television or while reading newspaper, nowadays we hear so many incidences of rape taking place all across the Country. The pain, the insult which the women must be going through is unimaginable. Once thinking such; about an incidence the feelings and the pain which I tried to imagine came out in the form of poem.

crying woman                                  


The most humiliating feeling in the world

Feeling of nothingness wins the gold.

Tears do not stop, mind goes numb

Touch gives ache,

The feeling of powerlessness,

Loss of control over one’s own body lame.

Loser, loss, suicide, misery is the new dictionary

Social loss, heart burn, chaos in the mind is the new scenery.

Night is full of nightmares and day;

 Is the manifestation of the night’s nightmare?

Loss of faith, cheap snide and the animal might,

The body wrecks with those memories day and night.

 The pillow gets wet with the pool of tears of the broken spirit,

                    Feeling of being an object rather than a living being creates dispirit

The harsh penetration, the brutal force, the ruthless mannerisms,

Inculcates insult, renders uselessness, furbish agony, anxiety and pain in heart.

A madness which does not leave, anarchy in mind and body

Disharmony with the complete environment reigns.

If loved hands would not direct a person,

 To sanity and civility,

Where would the person go?

There is a need for mindfulness and Composure.

 Compassion, humanity and brotherhood towards each other

In this world should grow.

 By Anuradha Singh


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