Dukh: Harbinger of new avenues

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Dukh, unhappiness, sadness, sorrow, these and many such negative terms, makes us run away from such situation, subject or place. We do not want any kind of negativity around us and for that we do so many things. We avoid it, we dissuade it, we even pay so much to avoid dukh We oppose people and element which bring negativity to us. But so many times we do not get victorious in avoiding such circumstances, as much as we want to shy away from such things. But it comes not knocking at your doors, it comes pushing inside, knocking those doors down.

We are not ready for it and fall down flat on our face. Dukh comes in so many ways. Financial, material, man made or natural disasters, social failure, exam failure, loss of dear ones and a plethora of big and small ways.  Ones it comes it takes away your energy and many more things, you are a mess. But why cry over spilt milk? Why become a recluse or consider yourself a failure? Something which is inevitable is bound to happen, there is no point in cursing yourself or others about one’s situation, if one accepts a situation as it is and not get confused or lie about it to others as well as oneself, then I feel half the battle is won. I will ones again reiterate my words that acceptance of a situation is most important. Acceptance is one such element of ones mind that can make you a winner and if it is not there then a person would end up fighting, crying, living in an imaginary world and ultimately ending up in pathetic situation.


So, why not pull up your socks and belt your pants and get ready to take the first step towards a small goal, a nice thought or the smallest job which would take you towards your ultimate aim. As it is said one step leads to thousand miles, then why not promise yourself that I will strive towards my dream, my goal, my aim. Don’t give up, pick up from where you have left. Every day in the morning tell yourself what all things will you complete today and try religiously to complete it.

I know loss of near and dear ones create such vacuum in ones life that the daily living becomes a punishment, but then why not create a gallery of those golden memories in your heart and also somewhere you can see them day in and day out, as there is no point in shying away from the truth that the person is no more, face his memories and create a life which is beautiful, the way he/she would have wanted it for you.

Sometimes we are on a path which is not correct for us and still we drag on, we need to recognize those wrong paths and accept it that this path is not for me and change the course soon and this is possible by talking to yourself. Telling yourself that, there is nothing wrong in me, the path which I am taking is not correct for me. Maybe liking for something is there but the aptitude is missing then what is the point in trying again and again in the same  direction, when the no entry board is visible in front of you.

They say opportunities do not come knocking at your door, you have to recognize them. For that you have to be physically and emotionally healthy to remain alert and ready to grab those opportunities.

Do not take dukh as the end of the world, end of your journey. Maybe this situation would open new doors for you. New journeys would start, new beginnings would bring you new successes and accolades. To experience this new situation you should be ready with open arms. As the show always goes on and to be a part of the show you have to be a good actor.





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