Being You



Being You is a hard task in today’s world.

As mask or no mask, everybody seems to be masquerade.

Some wear the mask of bravado

Others wear a mask of wisdom

Yet others of compassion and charity.

Everybody wears a mask of something which suits

Their careers, bosses or people whom they want to please

But are they aware, someone has a watch on them from high above

From where you cannot see?


Being you needs a resolution to remain straight and simple

In front of fashion houses, strutting their wares.

Being you means living alone, in the world full of fake friends.

Being you means living up to the image which you have made for yourself.

Being you means to be brutally honest in the world full of dishonesty.

Being you means calling a spade a spade.

images (2)

Being you means not laughing at poor jokes made by your boss.

Being you suggests not following the world blindly.

Being you calls for thinking twice before you commit.

Being you makes you visit wonderful places of sheer tranquility

Without announcing it to the world.

Being you is remembering a bar of chocolate for

The little girl who sits in the veranda all by herself.

Being you renders picking up the small puppy from going cold.

Being you suggests equanimity in the hour crisis.

By Anuradha Singh

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