Oho Womaniya……. aha Womaniya

There are reels and reels of paper proudly showing off, as they are decorated with articles and essays about women and their achievements, ambitions, aspirations, inspirations and also trepidation on way to achieve seemingly impossible. I am yet another person who would like to proudly ink the paper writing about woman, my beloved tribe. I never tire to talk about them or hear about them. Fondly I recall history of women and feel proud to be a part of a complex tribe who are intelligent, loving, and capable of starting a new life and at the same time enjoy the folds of her family and always strive for their betterment.  It is indeed difficult to understand a woman with her ocean deep mind with layers and layers of thoughts swimming in.  As she is capable of thinking on so many fronts,  it is difficult to fathom her mind at any time. She is beauty and is for beauty. God has made her beautiful and has given her such vision that she can vividly see and enjoy the riots of colours in the sky, the changing hues of the ocean, the subtle change in the air, the smells of the spring season, the varied shades of the leaves and the most beautiful voices of the birds calling their mates to celebrate the mating season. She loves the rustle of the silks, the smoothness of the satin, and the cool cottons. She loves to keep tabs on the ever changing fashions.

But don’t underestimate her, thinking that she is innocent, childlike. No way, she is mature and patient, understanding and firm, wise and industrious, daring and brave, bold and straight forward, she is just and fair. She is capable of juggling endless figures to run a successful business. Effortlessly she can bargain a huge discount for her company, start a new project even when her hands are full with so many others. She is smart and savvy and can handle technology with ease and deal difficulties without risk. The stars and the space allure her, the mountains call her. She is a diplomat, journalist and a pop-star. She is an alchemist, scientist and everything in the world that she aims for.

I would again and again and again take birth as a woman. The delicate French beauty of Napolean, the handsome German beauty Mata Hari, the sensitive Russian Anna Karenina, the stubborn scarlet O Hara or the ethereal Helen of Troy are bewitching and worth admiring. I covet for a molecule of Indira, Lopa Mudra, Sarojini Naidu, and the likes rushing inside me. I admire every woman who strives for her and her family’s betterment, who is upright and righteous, who teaches her children to be independent and helpful to others, who by her own example becomes a model of progress and development.

I consider myself privileged to be a part of an organization where beauty, talent, smartness, skill and intellect reside. Yes! I am talking about the army wife.

She is one of her kind, and I being one of her kind, the first story that I tell should be her’s and no others. But what she did, maybe, anyone with gut and gumption would have done. Yes!!!!! I am talking about Ira, who is the protagonist of my debut novel.

The wait is not long, she will come soon ……………… to engross you in her life by way of ‘The Mysterious Widows of Mehboobpura’


The Mysterious Widows of Mehboobpura_Cover2

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