An Affair to Remember

lion and lioness

Oh! It was a dark night; we were travelling towards vacation of relaxation

I chattering in nonchalance and he driving in a focused manner

The night did not let me ponder where we are?

It was just the stars, the moons, the graveled road and us

Not ones did I wonder I could be in the big cats lair.

On the vast expanse of this universe,

We just a tiny dot leading towards an affair to remember.

In the mundane life chalked by the almighty for us

Suddenly we saw Gods most beautiful creation.

Maybe a dot in this vast universe, but certainly

Too full to fill our eyes, ears and minds.


He came out the bushes, young and strong

The mane moving breezily in the summer night.

His face as big as the sun in its full flare, eyes sparkling sharp.

Coming out of his regale Kingdom,

He crossed the street in a fleeting minute.

I wondered what made him come by the so called civilized world.

But then another mystic image comported in front of my eyes


She gracefully sashayed by our four wheels

Unaware of the effect she trailed on her onlookers.

Moving her long tail like a champion acrobat,

She jumped gracefully on a high rock and vanished from our sight.

Knowing surely he must be just behind.

Wow! What a night it was to witness

The romantic dance of the king of the jungle.

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