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I stopped by the car doctor,

To treat my ailing car to its old self

While waiting for the car to run ship shape

I gazed at the town and marveled its restive face.

A nice cool breeze brushed past me,

Nudging the dry leaves to fly with the busy bee.

Under a shady tree frolicked a filly enjoying leisurely,

When a lady in cotton sari, took a baying sheep casually

As if dropping her to a new school and not shearing her wool

A relaxed gramps cycled a young tod to his playmate,

He is enjoying a lollipop, looking forward to his play date.

Two girlfriends walked past talking spiritedly

Maybe thinking about their future vividly.

A potter was making a pot on the potter’s wheel

Meditating, maybe praising the God

For painting the sky so azure blue .

The sun was playing hide and seek with me today

Sometimes he sparkled and sometimes he hid.

Letting me wonder the sukun of this rustic town

With no hurries and worries of the future

Relishing the day as it came.






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