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Imagination, life is a creation

God is the master sculptor

And man is his best invention

Then it was man’s turn to let loose his imagination

He used all his faculties, made way in water, land and breeze

Numero Uno was the cave man with the invention of the wheel

Paving way for generations; as he rolled it indeed.

Then there was no looking back

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As the pace was fresh, fertile minds were set to create new dimensions.

Creativity was creating riots as man’s brain worked at the speed of its mind

Soon the fire came into play and the cave woman made her first cooking skills display

Then there was no rest as French, Russian and Chinese cuisine came to play

One starry night Aryabhatt watched the limpid moon glowing like a white ball blessing him soon

Just like Archimedes Eureka, Aryabhatt had his aho bhagya moment

When he found the zero, thence; giving company to every other lonely numeral.

With no holds for the creative geniuses Thomas Alva, watts,

Graham Belle and Baird made our lives easier.

The likes of Newton and Einstein declared man’s mind is superior

Imagination brought emancipation from big and small bondage.

States became republic and then liberal

Writers wrote epics which became treasures of this world

Cinema created ethereal life with its images moving us to tears.

Bach and Beethoven created symphonies which were out of this world

And I created this little poem as an ode to each and every man’s imagination.

By Anuradha Singh






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