Being Forty


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Turning a new Leaf, turning forty

I look back at life gone by and feel how silly was I

Fretting over issues mundane, getting worked up over minute detail

Now that I have turned forty, I don’t feel there are issues any.

As my concentration takes up better things, so many.

Turning forty has unfold me the secrets of body and nature

That has lead to me becoming wiser and mature than before.

Now that I have turned forty has made me smarter than ever

To recognize people by there smile and befriend them never

Pencil heels hurt my feet always

to which I agree nowadays.

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I am more worried about my health insurance

Than the shade of my lipstick these days.

I am more concerned about the acidity I would face

If I stay on a diet.

Lately I give two pennies for a skin tight jeans

And prefer a cotton pajama light.

These days I laugh out loud on people announcing

that the world is going to stop spinning soon

As I know now that all ends are new beginnings

And the night is the darkest before the sun shines bright

As I have turned the leaf and turned forty with grace.

By Anuradha Singh


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