Growing Wings to Fly

Dedicated to all wonderful women trying hard to free themselves of humiliation, undue compulsions, hardships, restrictions in marriages 566C1C02-06ED-4E8D-88DD-A2104EBF5AE8

Who is free of burdens? I thought, 

Tears flowing incessantly, body perspiring in panic, having knots in stomach

Trying to unshackle myself from prisons innumerable, 

Failing, losing breath; falling into an abyss deplorable

Journey of my life a kaleidoscope moving in front of me

I see myself stooped by the weight of the  burdens

Of expectations, felicitations, affections and pretentions 

Bog down by so many memories and relations

Tangled in scripts and rituals of religion

Many bondage’s are emotional and artificial 

The frills and blooms of burdens named 

Sentiments, attachments, loyalties and stature make me slog aplenty 

The journey in liberation is a dream of twice a decade a many. 

Sometimes I see myself brooding  

Trying hard to recall those colours, 

Which is an exercise in vain

Fleetingly they come and leave me dazed 

But it’s far afar, not to often anymore 

Like Clover of Animal Farm 

My vision is a blur 

I don’t see any more; the dreams of manifestation of liberation 

I sleep soundly these days, my dreams do not mind me

As they are like an ebony frame, picture less and plane. 

I cry to my heart’s content, accepting my fate

Just when I have given up

A shaft of white light and the sound of waves wake me 

I try to sit up and a gentle touch stops me

I look up and see a wrinkled face 

I shiver and get tensed but she is smiling

she whispers in my ear softly

You are free from the marriage of compulsion and restriction

You were always a liberated woman within 

Today you break the bondage artificial and outward 

Soar high in the kingdom of free expression, spirit and originality

By Anuradha Singh 

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