My Colourful Dream



northern light2

A dream I experience recurring; I am here to narrate
when it comes to me, it is a blissful fate,
When it vanishes for days it leaves its scent
I seeking it for more wishing it like never before

I often see me standing in a vast expanse of
Snowy land with a pale blue light emanating from the
Horizon giving it an ethereal glow, the dim light excites
Me beyond imagination, the snowy flakes incites a diamond glow

Hereafter I freeze gaping at the northern lights, they shine
With colours of the widest prism, would not cater for such
Romanticism; a display of shades rioting for liberation of every
Single particle, fly in the atmosphere is actually beyond illustration

northern light

They dance merrily in a rhapsody of a melody and
I gaze at them as if in meditation; I remain colour
Struck as rays of ochre, scarlet, gold and mauve shake
Itself in an array of enchanting radiance.

Bursting itself on the landscape, arrive trains of green, violet,
Indigo and yellow, the colours mesmerize me, in pure elation
They sent me in reverie of gratification and contented disposition
I soak in the colours moving in deep soothing inner solace

As the alarm struck hours five and the dispersal of
Colours return in the shafts of white light, I stand
In delight to face the world with colours of life.

By Anuradha Singh

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