Ayasam: Epic Tale of King Gavi



It is 1800 BCE Saraswati valley civilization is at its peak. River Saraswati flows in the Aryavart with speed of a horse, coming down from the great Himawant and brings to her dwellers prosperity and fertility.

It’s a tale of our forefathers, beginning and an end of an ancient civilization which buried itself with great knowledge and many Kingdoms, with their stories which we are still unfolding.

Epic tale of King Gavi is one such tale complete with all human virtues and vices. It starts with revenge, followed by greed and gets over with a lesson which mankind learns and unlearns.

Most of all it’s a story of a young man who achieves the unimaginable, who was just a commoner of Aushni city and made a mercurial rise towards its throne.

A new metal is discovered in Aryavart; shiny, sharp, tough, you can make just about anything from it- Ayas. Every King of Aryavart wants to be the owner of its mines.

As Ayas is progress, ayas is power; ayas will help create most destructive weapons, which will in turn make any King the great conqueror of Aryavart.

Gavi, as well, covets to create an enormous empire by taking control of the newly discovered metal- Ayas.

Bhavya and Maya two very important women of Gavi’s life- who will stay with him?  And who will leave?

Will Gavi take control of all the mines of Aryavart?

Will Gavi conquer all the Kingdoms? And win the last war with Asandivat?

What lies at the end, victory or complete destruction?

Will the discovery of ayas the new metal will be the reason for the disappearance of river Saraswati from the face of Mother Earth?


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