The circus tent was enormous, ethereal, magical and vibrant.
Father took me to observe and shoo away my despondence.
I, a little amazed girl watching the beautiful ballerinas practicing.
Scared to see the sharp eyed knife thrower tyrant brandishing
I moved ahead little by little, taking in,
Feeling deep, the noises, voices, smells and the circus din.
A little clown stood upside down
Doing cartwheels incessantly
Playing the fools game effortlessly.
The lion, tiger, leopard and thorny skinned crocodile
Lay nonchalantly, their yellow droopy eyes seemed bored and mild
Maybe made civil by the crop of the ring master
Who stood oiling it for the nights spectacle
The large and small birds were perched beautifully on rings
Some sitting elegantly like wise judges pondering legal frills.
The monkeys were jumping helter-skelter, chattering all the while
Familiar were some faces, like politicos, thumping chests assembly style
Stood aside a little herd of huge black beasts
Engrossed in world of own, trumpeting, saluting, watching them was a treat
Lost in the world of circus, smile playing around quick
Barely remembering the outside world, such were the circus tricks
Blue mood vanished in thin air, wisps of feathers flying.
Similar is the real world, endearing, enticing; alas! hard work and trying.

By Anuradha Singh

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