1Assam Regiment

1 Assam Regiment is one of the oldest and most decorated Regiment of Indian Army. It has participated in number of wars and have shown their valour when it has mattered the most. The Assam regiment was raised to help defend eastern India against the threat of Japan, during the Second World War. This regiment was and still is made up of mostly Assami, Naga’s, and Kuki soldiers. They have fought one of the greatest battles of Second World War. The battle of kohima and Imphal.

 There is a legend in the regiment, to which they sing and dance to, during the passing out parade or any other regimental function like even the raising day. This song came into being to celebrate the company’s survival during the war thanks to a Sipahi BadlRram.

The legend goes like this: Badluram was a rifleman in the 1st Battalion of Assam Regiment, which was deployed in and around Kohima. Burma had already fallen then and because of which kohima and Imphal were in a tight spot. The enemy army by that time had increased in its might, with the help of air attacks.  Thus the battle went on for days together with the supply of ration getting reduced to a mere trickle.

BadluRam did not live long to see the battle, as he lost his life to a Japanese bullet, but his spirit still lives on. The quarter master of their platoon forgot to strike off his name and they kept on receiving ration on his name. So, when they were surrounded by the Japanese, with ration not reaching them on time or with very less ration. The smart quarter master of Badluram’s platoon had kept the extra ration dumped for such difficult situation and then the platoon could survive with the help of this ration. Since then Badluram’s brother’s-in-arms composed this song and till date it is sung in the passing out parade or even during raising days of their regiment.

The song goes like this

Ek Khoobsurat Ladki thi

Usko dekh ke rifleman….

Chindhi khichna Bhul gaya   (chindhi is soft cloth to clean the barrel of the rifle)

Havaldar Major dekh liya   (senior most of the jawans)

Usko pithu lagaya….. (Punishment with 25 kg weight of sack on back)

Badluram ek sipahi tha…

Japan war me mar gaya

Quarter master smart tha….. (an appointment amongst the jawans and also officer at                  regiment level who distributes food)

Usne ration nikala

Badluram ka badan jamin ke niche hain   

Badluram ka badan jamin ke niche hain   

Badluram ka badan jamin ke niche hain   

Sabaash hallelujah…..

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