I stopped by the car doctor, To treat my ailing car to its old self While waiting for the car to run ship shape I gazed at the town and marveled its restive face. A nice cool breeze brushed past me, Nudging the dry leaves to fly with the busy bee. Under a shady tree … Continue reading Sukun

Oho Womaniya……. aha Womaniya

There are reels and reels of paper proudly showing off, as they are decorated with articles and essays about women and their achievements, ambitions, aspirations, inspirations and also trepidation on way to achieve seemingly impossible. I am yet another person who would like to proudly ink the paper writing about woman, my beloved tribe. I … Continue reading Oho Womaniya……. aha Womaniya


Life speaks with you through every element of its surroundings The soul connects with each and everything it sees around you. The little hands of the creators’ creations touch your innate thoughts, From unimaginable angles they talk to your subconscious. The currents passing over your head are buzzing And sending messages vociferously From one end of the world to another.