Ayasam: Epic Tale of King Gavi

  It is 1800 BCE Saraswati valley civilization is at its peak. River Saraswati flows in the Aryavart with speed of a horse, coming down from the great Himawant and brings to her dwellers prosperity and fertility. It’s a tale of our forefathers, beginning and an end of an ancient civilization which buried itself with … Continue reading Ayasam: Epic Tale of King Gavi

Oho Womaniya……. aha Womaniya

There are reels and reels of paper proudly showing off, as they are decorated with articles and essays about women and their achievements, ambitions, aspirations, inspirations and also trepidation on way to achieve seemingly impossible. I am yet another person who would like to proudly ink the paper writing about woman, my beloved tribe. I … Continue reading Oho Womaniya……. aha Womaniya

Vaishali, Roopali and Amrapali : The three Hospitable Sisters

Right on Fergusson College Road, next to pick-chick the small neighborhood mafco shop, sat thirty-eight years back and still sits fetchingly, Roopali, the Udupi restaurant and the sister concern of Vaishali and Amrapali.  Roopali, I call the middle sister as it is located in between Vaishali and Amrapali . I do not exactly Know when … Continue reading Vaishali, Roopali and Amrapali : The three Hospitable Sisters