My Colourful Dream

    A dream I experience recurring; I am here to narrate when it comes to me, it is a blissful fate, When it vanishes for days it leaves its scent I seeking it for more wishing it like never before I often see me standing in a vast expanse of Snowy land with a … Continue reading My Colourful Dream

Being Forty

    Turning a new Leaf, turning forty I look back at life gone by and feel how silly was I Fretting over issues mundane, getting worked up over minute detail Now that I have turned forty, I don't feel there are issues any. As my concentration takes up better things, so many. Turning forty … Continue reading Being Forty


Life speaks with you through every element of its surroundings The soul connects with each and everything it sees around you. The little hands of the creators’ creations touch your innate thoughts, From unimaginable angles they talk to your subconscious. The currents passing over your head are buzzing And sending messages vociferously From one end of the world to another.