Book Review: The Mysterious Widows of Mehboobpura By Anuradha Singh

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513W-EbdPJL.jpgBook Title: The Mysterious Widows Of Mehboobpura
Author: Anuradha Singh 
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 196 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Notion Press,
Publishing Date: 24 April 2018
ISBN-10: 1643240498
ISBN-13: 978-1643240497

Ira is an army Officer wife, posted at Ferozepur Cantonment, she is a passionate teacher.

Nimrat is a new admission in her class, a daughter of a queer looking Veer Nari.

Ira is worried that Nimrat is not studying well, being passionate about her work, she goes to Nimrat’s house to meet her mother and talk about Nimrat’s poor performance in school at Mehboobpura Pind and is reeled by the look and character of the Pind.

She comes across some very devastating information about the Pind and now is hunted by the goons. Ira’s life is in danger. She has to finish these diabolical people or she will be finished.

Will Ira be successful in unfolding and further finishing the racket?

Will she…

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