Song of life, A Poetic Retelling of Mahabharata

Song of Life A Poetic Retelling of Mahabharata Pleased to announce, the kindle release of my book, Song of Life, poetic retelling of Mahabharata Mahabharata the epic poetry with 24000 shlokas is worlds largest poetry is imprinted on Indian mind. There are numerous adaptations, interpretations and depictions of Mahabharata. Every state of India has stories … Continue reading Song of life, A Poetic Retelling of Mahabharata

Beautiful Mhow

  #BeautifulMhow #Mandu #DrAmbedkarMemorial #Indiansmustpreserve #Ourlegacy Mhow is a cantonment town located near Indore, Madhya Pradesh. This was my second visit to Mhow. I had been here in 2006 when my son was barely one and hence hardly explored the place. This time though my visit was short I had decided to make the most … Continue reading Beautiful Mhow

Growing Wings to Fly

Dedicated to all wonderful women trying hard to free themselves of humiliation, undue compulsions, hardships, restrictions in marriages  Who is free of burdens? I thought,  Tears flowing incessantly, body perspiring in panic, having knots in stomach Trying to unshackle myself from prisons innumerable,  Failing, losing breath; falling into an abyss deplorable Journey of my life … Continue reading Growing Wings to Fly