Life speaks with you through every element of its surroundings

The soul connects with each and everything it sees around you.

The little hands of the creators’ creations touch your innate thoughts,

From unimaginable angles they talk to your subconscious.

The currents passing over your head are buzzing

And sending messages vociferously

From one end of the world to another.

A Road Trip in the Land of The Gurkha’s

The palace is beautiful and since it is of modern era one could understand how the King and his family lived. They have maintained it well and looks like a very huge modern villa It was magnificent, but not as opulent and almost unimaginable as the palaces of medieval or Mughal era. We enjoyed every moment spent in the palace but missed the snaps as they do not allow to take snaps in the palace. It took us more than an hour to see the whole palace. Numerous photographs have been put in the corridors and some rooms as well, of the various state heads who have visited the palace.