Being You

  Being You is a hard task in today’s world. As mask or no mask, everybody seems to be masquerade. Some wear the mask of bravado Others wear a mask of wisdom Yet others of compassion and charity. Everybody wears a mask of something which suits Their careers, bosses or people whom they want to … Continue reading Being You

Dukh: Harbinger of new avenues

Do not take dukh as the end of the world, end of your journey. Maybe this situation would open new doors for you. New journeys would start, new beginnings would bring you new successes and accolades. To experience this new situation you should be ready with open arms. As the show always goes on and to be a part of the show you have to be a good actor

A Road Trip in the Land of The Gurkha’s

The palace is beautiful and since it is of modern era one could understand how the King and his family lived. They have maintained it well and looks like a very huge modern villa It was magnificent, but not as opulent and almost unimaginable as the palaces of medieval or Mughal era. We enjoyed every moment spent in the palace but missed the snaps as they do not allow to take snaps in the palace. It took us more than an hour to see the whole palace. Numerous photographs have been put in the corridors and some rooms as well, of the various state heads who have visited the palace.